Voting Update

Introducing the MZANSI URBAN RADIO APP- web version

The Web Version of the App is now available and can be accessed with any mobile device (IOS or Android) and even your web browser on your computer.
This means to vote, you no longer require to download the app (from the play store), you can access the same voting platform.
Click here to go the web app.

Please Note

  • The web app is not compatible with internet explorer or any old technologies.
  • Users still have to verify their account prior to voting.
  • Cell numbers used to Vote before cannot be used again.
  • People wishing to use the IOS devices, can and should use the link.
  • International votes are not permitted. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  • We are aware that there are people who did not receive their activation SMS or could not Vote but have downloaded the App, we will be in touch with these voters and requesting them to try again.

Happy Voting!

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