Why music makes us happy

Listening to music causes the brain to release dopamine, a feel-good chemical. Whether it cheers you up from an emotional dip, or it amplifies an already good mood, we can all agree that music plays an important role in our lives.

Hearing a familiar tune has the ability to evoke vivid memories and emotions.
Music has so much power that a lot of time people are inclined to move their bodies when they react to it.

As a tool it can be used in many ways; For the brokenhearted, a sad song is empathetic and validating. It is even a dosage of motivation to help complete a task.
There are several ways to participate in music on a daily basis.

Photo by Obi Onyeador on Unsplash

Listen to it.

Put the radio on, set up your streaming apps, plug in your device. Whatever you are doing, music can be present in the background or the foreground.

Make it.

Play an instrument. If you don’t know-how learn.
And sing, Sing your heart out. In the shower or the car, to your children. Singing is a fantastic stress reliever and can be meditative too.

Understand it.

Read the biographies of your favourite musicians or artists, try and get a sense of what they were thinking and feeling when creating the tunes.

Explore it.

Find out more about international music and attempt to enjoy sounds that you aren’t familiar with.

All in all, let the music move you and don’t forget to have fun with it!”

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