Competition Winners

Africa-USA Unity Events together with Mzansi Urban presents a Gospel Artist Competition.

The competition was launched, the finalists were chosen and after an extensive voting period, we have our winners.
After catching up with each of them, here’s what they had to say.

Pearl, from Malamulele, says that when she was chosen to be a finalist she was very excited and realised that this is a confirmation from above and she should continue to work hard to get as many votes as possible to ensure that she remains in the top position.

During the voting session, she found it interesting and hectic, given that she must convince people to vote for her while promoting her newly released single. What gave her hope was, when her social media presence increased drastically which gave her an indication that her music was being enjoyed.

Her hopes for the future include changing the lives of many people, regardless of age, race, situation or location through her music.

Kingdmusic (Denga) from a beautiful village called Mukula in Venda says that he was confident that he could win this when he 1st heard of the competition.

With the announcement of the Top14, he felt a bit unsure if he should continue with the competition as he felt he was up against giants in the music industry, to the point where he says ” I wanted to give up but God kept me going.”

When he found out he was a winner he danced, sent everyone who voted for him a thank you message and was in disbelief.

He says he believes this is the beginning of the global ministry that God has been promising him through prophecies, and is happy to see it unfold.

Tshepido from Klerksdorp was very excited when he first heard about the competition. He convinced himself to give it a try.

He was excited to be in the top 14 especially seeing the other contestants. Big names! That’s when he realised that this is his chance to grow and learn.

He feels that the atmosphere during the voting process was intense, however, the prize was the push behind all the hard work. “Going to the USA is my childhood dream. Lol!” he explained.

His dream is to grow in the music industry both nationally and globally with the very same sound; The African worship sound. Growth is the most important aspect for him.

When asked what lessons they learned they responded:

P:  Patience, corporation, marketing is a short period of time and continue to trust God. Push hard regardless of the technology glitches.

D: Don’t be afraid of marketing yourself and putting yourself out there.

T: I have learned that I need to work hard for everything I want! The workshop taught me the importance of branding and marketing myself.

We’d like to wish them luck in their future endeavors

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