Google has been working on making Assistant better for years now, and this latest update makes using the app so much better.

Currently, the best use for the Google Assistant has been when connecting to hardware such as Google Home, or one of the many headsets that have some form of Assistant integration.

According to the site, asking Google Assistant to “read my messages” now will read messages from apps like Whatsapp, Telegram, Slack, and Discord; rather than just the Google products, you would have been used to date.

To get it going: simply activate your Assistant with your chosen phrase – “Hello Google,” or “Hey Google” – and say, “read my messages.”

Once you’ve granted permission, you should be able to get Google Assistant to read all your messages to you, and you’ll even be given the option to reply. Google Assistant will transcribe your message and send it on your behalf.

Now the biggest restriction to us in SA is that we have to use all our phrases in English.

By murweb