ManUp with Tshidi Lethwane

ManUp With Tshidi Lethwane

ManUp with Tshidi Lethwane is a weekly podcast aimed at restoring men's dignity in society.  Men are seen as monsters, especially with the rise of Gender-Based Violence, rape and being absent fathers. We live in a society where men hear these three words in some form or another  "Don't be a sissy ", "Grow a pair " Men hear these words when they don't live up to prescribed notions of masculinity. After all,  men are supposed to be tough! ManUp with Tshidi Lethwane aims to restore, empower and inspire younger men to play a more positive role in their community and society. The show features and showcases a male guest to discuss the topic of the day. The speakers are subject matter experts in their respective fields. These guests have robust discussions about the topics centralised around men and how men can be assisted to ManUp and be the leaders in society.

Man Up – 30 August 2021

Forgiveness is an ongoing journey. Abuse is the improper usage or treatment of a thing or person, often to unfairly or improperly gain benefit. Rehabilitation comes or starts when you…