Engineers pivot 3D cell printing technology to help COVID-19 research

After they attempt to use 3D technology printing to test new drugs and therapies, McMaster engineers are now on a global mission to find treatment for people with COVID-19.

The coronavirus disease continues to plague us and spread worldwide, research shows a significant impact on lung efficiency in people who have or are still recovering from the virus.

Rakesh Sahu, research associate and adjunct assistant professor in the department of materials science and engineering said, “If there’s a drug that can be developed to fight the infection and improve outcomes for people, our technology can be used to speed up that process.”

The 3D printing cells will imitate human tissues that need treatment, like wounds and infections. These cells are then taken to laps to the drugs will heal in real-time. Suhu says, his team is seeking for the opportunity to start working with coronavirus cells.

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