Huawei announced the release of its new operating system Hongmeng/HarmonyOS.
The announcement was made at the Huawei Developer Conference by Business Group CEO Richard Yu.

According to Yu, HarmonyOS is faster and safer than Android. HarmonyOS is not immediately going head to head with Android, however, Yu says that when Huawei can no longer access Google’s Android ecosystem, the company can deploy HarmonyOS “at any time.” Until then, Huawei will continue to support Android.

However quoting a tipster named @Rodent950, International Business Times is reporting that Huawei is planning on releasing a “Chinese model” of the Mate 30 Lite. This model will be powered by HongMeng OS, now called “Harmony OS.” Like the other models, this Harmony OS-powered smartphone will also feature Huawei’s EMUI 10 graphical interface. It this the signal to the end or rather the start of a new era? Only time will tell.

Back to the Huawei Developer Conference, Yu seemed to be firing shots at Android, claiming that “Android isn’t as efficient due to its redundant codes, outdated scheduling mechanism and general fragmentation issues.” He further went on to say that “HarmonyOS should be safer from the get-go as there is no root access available; the microkernel is protected by isolation from external kernel services. The system also applies formal verification — a set of mathematical approaches used in security-critical fields — to reliably spot vulnerabilities, whereas traditional methods are likely to miss some.”

HarmonyOS is an open-source platform positioned as a future-proof, “microkernel-based, distributed OS for all scenarios.”

By murweb